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Luis Morgado


My name is Luis Morgado. I graduated from the Technical University of Lisbon in 1992. Later my education was upgraded with a postgraduate Master's in Architectonic Contemporary Culture (1998) and a PhD at IST (Technical Superior Institute) in Architectural Wood Design (2016).

I worked in Portugal and Canada having experienced different roles (employee, owner, freelancer, and consultant) and various contexts (small, medium: big offices, simple projects, and complex programs).

Architecture deals with concepts, spaces, and forms, but the architect’s job is about understanding people’s needs and finding the best solutions to answer them. 

Holistically, architecture should focus on design quality.


I believe architecture has a fundamental role in people’s life. Architectural solutions have the power to improve life quality and add value to places, individuals, and communities. Values provide an orientation and a framework. They guide our willingness for architectural excellence and support architecture's health as a business.

Architects must balance theoretical and technical knowledge. Academic research must be oriented to be applied at the office. Theoretical skills and design skills are both needed in the studio. The quality we want to offer is based on a set of tools we must master: culture, project methodology, work discipline, construction science knowledge, analytical skills, and an eye for good design. I believe these can make a difference.


I'm always looking for new and exciting challenges.

Let's connect.

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